My name is Florian Tatzel, also known as PanadeEdu.


I am a Software Developer and most interested in Web Technologies. My recent interests also contain the Virtualisation of Workspaces and Deployment as well as Code Quality topics. I like to Experiment with various technologies and try out Top notch techniques while improving my own Skills.

I am a Bachelor of Science in Medieninformatik (which is something like Media specialized Computer Science). Currently I work for an Web Agency, where I mainly develop and maintain extensions as well as websites with TYPO3. Other than that, I take care for the stability and maintenance of Virtual-Work-Environments with VMWare (or VirtualBox) and Vagrant. One of my extended interest is using Docker to improve the flexibility while developing inside Virtual Machines.

My Projects

Some of my private Projects are available at my GitHub while others are part of my YouTube channel where I mainly have some Tutorials for TYPO3. I like OpenSource projects and contributing to them, where I can. However as Developer the learning never stops and so I will grow with my experience.

This Blog

As a student I often suffered the lack of informations and as junior developer I know the problems that can arise when you get started with new topics. This is why I create videos and small projects in the first place. This Blog is here to extend my need to share informations as good as I can. If it works out well, then maybe I can improve the experience just for some more people too, this way.